The Best teaching tool on the market. Period. 

Just Play is without a doubt the best teaching tool on the market, but it starts with their playbook. Their drawing tools and shortcuts save so much time, and the flexibility to organize my playbook how I want and in multiple ways is a key differentiator to anything else. It's so more than just a playbook. Just Play really does help us to teach our guys in more effective ways, AND we save time doing it. 

Step 1: Build my playbook and terminology sections.
Step 2: Integrate film from Hudl, YouTube, or even filming myself on a whiteboard.
Step 3: Create awesome presentations for clinics or meetings.
Step 4: Quiz players and get reports with how well they perform.

Players have access on any device and can study from anywhere. I can have a meeting with our guys remotely, making them take a quiz and get the information so I know what I need to prepare for the next meeting or practice. 

For me, Just Play has allowed me to create more time, more knowledgable players and a real curriculum for teaching our system. I would highly recommend this system to anyone - it's above and beyond the best on the market. 

Take a look for yourself and sign up for a demo today, www.justplaysolutions.com/contact-us
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