What is @3PhaseFootball and #Meshpoint

The name for this account was orgianlly "FL Triple Option Football". I came up with the idea of trying to connect with other triple option coaches in the state of Florida so that we could network, support each other and perhaps grow a summer camp that fits our needs rather than the growing world of 7v7 camps around the country.

I followed other schools and people that I admire that run this offense and would retweet anything I thought was helpful or promoted our style of play. Before I knew it...the popularity of this account grew to include triple option coaches all over the country. This is when I changed the name to 3phasefootball. I wanted it to better represent our style of play rather then a particular region.

Today, 3phasefootball is an ambassador account for the greatest offense on earth! The reach of this account today is world wide! We have followers in almost every state as well as in Canada, Europe and Austrialia.

3phasefootball hosts a weekly chat known as "Mesh Point Monday" where all coaches are welcome to participate in a 4 Question chat starting at 8pm eastern. We have coaches from many different styles of option systems participate (i, SBV, flexbone, wishbone, pistol & gun) as well as coaches from both High School and College.

This is a way for coaches to network and learn from one another. Recently, I have even incorporated a referee into our chats so we could learn about rules.

-Tony Rodriguez

I have known Coach Tony for many years now, having coached on the same staff, and at opposing schools - and I have always appreciated being able to ask a question and get insight on all of the nuances of triple option football. Since he started @3phasefootball and the #meshpoint discussions - I’m even more excited because it’s like an ongoing clinic whenever I jump on twitter, or the group chat Monday nights. I just started our program last year, and we are implementing triple option even more this year- so I really appreciate the info and videos Coach puts out there - that Are on the level I can share with my players to learn the basics and get things going and also my coaches to get the advanced version as we teach the system. We can never stop learning as coaches - and this is a great tool to do just that. Way to go @3phasefootball !

— Jason Smith, Asst. HC/OC - All Saints Academy Winter Haven, FL. Director of Operations -Sunshine State Athletic Conference